Facilitating a self-sufficient and sustainable quality of life

Growing Cambodia is dedicated to fostering self-sufficiency and sustainable living for rural communities in Cambodia.

Their mission revolves around education and enhancing health and well-being to uplift the lives of individuals and families. By empowering the current generation through education, Growing Cambodia aims to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to improve their quality of life and make informed choices about their future.

IPA is a proud supporter
of Growing Cambodia, raising $60,000 this year

We are proud to support Growing Cambodia’s impactful work, raising $60,000 this year. At APP2024, our Coffee Van initiative at Victoria Park raised $5,000 to aid rural Cambodians. Additionally, we funded a $55,000 school project in Beng, Siem Reap, featuring classrooms, a kitchen, and a washing area. The school opened on May 6th, serving 280 students, and enhancing their English skills, nutrition, and hygiene. Steven Kastrinakis, Managing Director at IPA, emphasised the importance of education for health. This project exemplifies our commitment to global community health and empowerment.

Read more about IPA’s fundraising efforts and the $55k school project empowering the rural Cambodian community here.


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