Independent Pharmacies of Australia Group (IPA) $55k School Project Empowers Rural Cambodian Community: A Story of Impact and Empowerment

Demonstrating its commitment to community health on a global scale, the Independent Pharmacies of Australia Group (IPA) proudly announces its partnership with Growing Cambodia, a registered Australian charity dedicated to enhancing education in rural Cambodian schools. Through this collaboration, IPA has successfully funded the construction of a new school in the Beng community in the Siem Reap region.

Steven Kastrinakis, Pharmacist, Founder, and Managing Director of IPA, expressed his pride in the initiative, noting, “It’s a proud and humbling experience to contribute to a community and children who face the challenges of poverty, especially after being present at the opening of the school in Cambodia on May 6th. Education is one of the foundational pillars of health, and I am extremely proud that IPA has been able to play a part in opening this school.”

IPA’s fundraising, amounting to $55,000, culminated in the school’s inauguration on May 6th, marking a significant milestone in IPA’s global outreach. The School Project includes two fully-equipped classrooms, one designated for computer education and the other serving as a library. Additionally, IPA has facilitated the establishment of a kitchen facility and washing area, addressing essential needs such as proper nutrition and hygiene often lacking in rural villages.

Beyond infrastructure development, the initiative prioritizes providing quality education to enhance English skills, crucial for economic empowerment, while also addressing challenges such as proper nutrition and hygiene often lacking in rural villages. With 280 students enrolled, the school offers brighter prospects in a region where proficiency in English can lead to higher wages. IPA ensures student safety and attendance by providing transportation, while sustaining the educational environment through resource allocation, including teacher salaries and technology donations. Thanks to a generous donation from MedAdvisor, IPA acquired 17 laptops, further enhancing teaching standards and facilitating teacher training sessions.

James Reid, Head of Apex Implementation at IPA, expressed, “Our collaboration with Growing Cambodia reflects IPA’s commitment to improving lives and fostering socio-economic development through education and infrastructure investment.” This project exemplifies IPA’s dedication to fostering positive change locally and globally, empowering the Beng community and ensuring a brighter future for its children.