Make a difference to the health of women and children in

Fullife Foundation is a passionate group of people, determined to make a difference to improve the health of women and children in Africa.

Through visits to Africa, IPA has observed individuals caught in a relentless cycle of poverty, devoid of hope and prospects for the future. They have witnessed firsthand the fragility of life, with many deaths and illnesses stemming from preventable causes that, in Australia, would be considered avoidable.

IPA is a proud
supporter of Fullife Foundation

IPA is proud to stand alongside Fullife Foundation in their noble mission. Through our support, we contribute to their vital work in Africa, enabling them to expand their reach and impact. Together, we are making strides towards a future where everywoman and child has access to quality healthcare and the opportunity to thrive.


Join us in supporting Fullife Foundation’s transformative work in Africa.

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